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Last Updated on October 17, 2022

Garuda Prime Relics – Since the Garuda Prime release date, Warframe’s online community and the market have been abuzz with the new capabilities accompanying the queen of gore.

Thanks to the Garuda Prime Access, the queen of blood now promises more exclusive accessories, power boosters, weapons, and other enhanced capabilities. You get to witness Garuda in unmatched power levels, deadlier and bloodier. Today, we will explore how to get these highly sought-after Garuda Prime Access relics and match up with other Warframe competitors. Read on and find out more.

Garuda Prime Relics - Farming Guide | Warframe Today (1)

Garuda Prime Access Relics

  • Blueprint –Neo N20– Common
  • Chassis –Meso P7– Uncommon
  • Neuroptics –Lith G5– Rare
  • Systems –Axi G7– Rare

The Prime is an enhanced variant of Garuda that provides users with extra defense capabilities alongside a high energy pool. The Garuda Prime Relics are also helpful since they allow players to obtain blueprints for crafting different components of their Garuda Prime build. Many players want and need to get their hands on these relics and upgrade their Garuda character.

So, how can you get the highly sought-after Garuda Prime Access Relics?

Warframe currently provides two options to collect different Garuda Prime Access Relics.

The first option is direct in-game purchases, allowing players to upgrade their queen of blood immediately. However, for players looking at getting the Garuda Prime Access Relics for free, you can opt to farm the relics in Warframe.

Where to Farm Garuda Prime Relics

If you plan to get your Garuda Prime to build for free, farming would be your best bet to obtain the necessary relics. In essence, Warframe farming is undertaking actual Warframe missions, successfully passing them to get the Garuda Prime Access Relics. Each mission is set to provide players with a chance to farm different relics on the battlefield. As it stands, the relics you can gain from farming in the missions include:


These relics come out best through the Heat in the void mission. Through a capture mission, each player has a 100% chance of achieving the Lith relic by farming. However, for the best outcome(Lith relics per minute), players may have to bring along the Volt and Ember Warframes. You can also pick on the Teshub(Exterminate) and Taranis(Defense) as other Void missions, giving Lith relics a 100% chance.


You have a high chance of a Meso Relic if you are looking to farm on IO (Jupiter). You can get this relic by farming the A rotation in the defense mission for your chance of a Meso relic drop. While you can also farm your Meso relics on Paimon(Europa), most players prefer the Jupiter mission since it comes with Hexenon drops, a necessity to build your weapons, and the Wisp Warframe. In addition, the Io(Jupiter) has less capable enemies than those you encounter on Paimon. This gives you more fighting chances, plus an ability to fend off the attack waves faster.


The Xini on Eris is achieved by farming the A rotation on Mithra but only on an interception mission. The Mithra interception mission is your best bet at farming Neo relics since the A plus B rotation gives a 100% chance of a Neo relic drop no matter the outcome. Still, for best results, you have to accompany yourself with the best Warframes for neo-farming, including Nova, Wisp, and Volt Warframes.


Axi is another relic you can get through Xinyi on Eris and is achieved by farming both the B and C rotations of your interception mission. The Xinyi is the most preferred option compared to others (Cerberus-Pluto, Berehynia- Sedna) since it gives a better chance of Axi drop on rotations B and C. Likewise, Xinyi gives you a better survival rate with the lack of ranged enemies. A few Neo relics can also be achieved when farming for Axi.

The current Warframe outplay allows for earning relics through the following types of missions inside warframe:

  • Interception Mission

An interception mission involves an endless task with players required to capture and hold a necessary location on the map while also intercepting enemy transmission.

  • Defense Mission

Each defense mission sees players participate in endless mission types where they must defend the assigned objectives until all enemies are destroyed. Each defense mission gameplay sees five attacking waves, with the player expected to clear each wall.

  • Capture Mission

Capture missions set players up against a mission type of search and destroy. Each player on the capture mission is set on an adventure of searching for a particular character, incapacitating them, or capturing a said target before extraction.


Once you farm the necessary relic, you are set to use or open them by taking them inside the Void Fissure missions. These missions allow you to access the Relics and obtain Garuda Prime’s blueprints. Each player can then use these blueprints to get new materials to craft their Garuda Prime build into a deadlier character.

So, get out there and start farming your most desired Garuda Prime Access Relics.

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Garuda Prime Relics - Farming Guide | Warframe Today (2024)


What is the fastest way to farm relics in Warframe? ›

Disruption spins work differently than other endless modes, and you can get three A rotations until round 3 if you only defend one conduit per round. However, the fastest way to farm Lith Relics is by rushing through the Capture node on Void called Hepit.

How to farm for Garuda Warframe? ›

Alternatively, upon completion of The Duviri Paradox, Garuda's main and component blueprints can be earned from The Circuit. By selecting her on the rotating week she is available, players can earn her blueprints after reaching Tier 2 (Neuroptics), 5 (Chassis), 8 (Systems), and 10 (Main) rewards.

How to get garuda blueprint again? ›

Garuda parts blueprints are not part of the quest reward, and are obtained from completing Bounty Missions on Fortuna/Orb Vallis. You can obtain additional Garuda Blueprints from Cephalon Simaris Offering at the Relay for 50,000 Standing after completing the quest.

Can you still get Garuda Prime in Warframe? ›

Vaultings. On January 17th, 2024, Garuda Prime, along with Nagantaka Prime and Corvas Prime, entered the Prime Vault and were retired from the reward tables.

What primes are not vaulted? ›

Never Vaulted Weapons
  • Lex Prime.
  • Burston Prime.
  • Paris Prime.
  • Venka Prime.

Is Titania vaulted? ›

She is vaulted so the relics don't drop any more.

Where can I get garuda parts? ›

To craft Garuda you must obtain her Main Blueprint first, which will be awarded upon completion of the Vox Solaris Quest. Once you obtain that, the component blueprints can be acquired from Orb Vallis Bounties.

Can you still get relics from prime vault? ›

"Vaulted" Prime stuff means that the relics are no longer on any reward table. So either, you have to find and trade/pay other players for their relics or parts, or find players willing to open those relics with you in the squad. Primed items go into the vault on a rotation.

How do you get prime relics in Warframe? ›

Prime warframe parts can be obtained through relics. They require a chassis, systems, neuroptics, and blueprint just like normal frames. The relics can be obtained from certain missions and can only be opened in special void fissure missions.


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