Girlstrology Horoscopes: October 8 - 14 (2024)


You might have to swallow your pride this week Aries, in order to avoid conflict with somebody you’d want to STAY friends with. While you may think you’re in the right, if you want to save this friendship then be the bigger person.


You’re going to be incredibly indecisive when it comes to your romantic life right now Taurus, and that’s thanks toVenus, your planet, will enter into its retrograde phase in the sector of relating. If you don’t like them one day, you may the next. If you can’t choose between two, everything will become clear soon so don’t make any big decisions this week.


Someone from your past might come back into your life this week, Gemini. This will either be romantic or maybe it’s just someone who used to be important to you and then disappeared. Either way, maketime for them this week.


Go to your friends for help Cancer, because they actually have some pretty good advice. Don’t be afraid of them judging you, because they know thereal you and will know exactly how to help in any situation.


Cull cull cull! It’s time to remove the dead weight from your life. Whether it comes in the form of your wardrobe or fake friends, either one will be a massive weight lifted off your shoulders.


Money might be a huge issue for you this week, so be careful Virgo! Splurging is fun, and tempting… it’s important to reign it in and save your dollars for things that areactually important. Money comes and goes, so that thing you have your eye on will be yours soon! Just be patient.


Parts of your life may start to annoy you this week, Libra. It’s going to confuse you a little because you won’t know what you’re satisfied with and what’s bothering you. This is your chance to find out what you really want and what really makes you happy.


Venus will turn into retrograde in your sign on Friday, which will make you think about your image and how you might want to change it. Are you happy with how you look on the outsideand the inside? If the answer is no, then it’s time to make a big change!


It’s time to sparkle, Sag! Everyone might want a piece of you this week, especially when it comes to social situations. Don’t spread yourself too thin though!! Spend time with the people who genuinely care about rather than the ones who may be using you for things.


We know your most effective approachto sorting things out with people can be manipulating them, but this week you may have to be careful with that because if you have a real issue with a friend – you’ll need to figure out those issues with actual emotions – not fake ones, otherwise you might lose them.


The next few weeks you’ll start feeling way more concerned with your reputation and what people really think about you. This is probably becauseVenus will turn into retrograde on Friday. Don’t let these thoughts worry you too much, you’ll be feeling back to normal very shortly.


You’re very open to your friends when it comes to your own personal life, but maybe think twice this week before telling deep secrets to your friends. If you have any doubts about them at all, then keep that secret to yourself!! Trust your gut.

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Girlstrology Horoscopes: October 8 - 14 (2024)


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