GoDaddy - Listing types for GoDaddy Auctions® (2024)

GoDaddy Auctions® offers multiple listing types for buying and selling domains. You can't list domains expiring within the next 90 days, inactive domains, or internationalized (or foreign language) domains. All prices on GoDaddy Auctions® listings are shown in USD, regardless of the currency you'll be paying in.

Select an option to see more details on our different listing types:

Offer-style auctions: Negotiate the domain price or buy it now

  • Buy Now only
  • Offer/Counter-Offer
  • Offer/Counter-Offer with Buy Now

Bid-style auctions: Compete with other buyers to place the highest bid

  • 7-day Public Auction
  • Push to Auction
  • Value Priced Auctions
  • Expired Auctions
  • Closeout Domains

Buy Now only

Don’t want to wait for an auction to run its course, or navigate the negotiations of an Offer/Counter-offer? Our Buy Now option lets buyers and sellers close the deal instantly. Sellers can list their domain with an option to bypass the bidding or offering process. Buyers can choose domains listed as Buy Now to purchase a domain immediately, and quickly secure it without risk of losing to a higher bid or offer.

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Like the domain, but hoping to negotiate on the price? Or not sure what you should list as the asking price? An Offer/Counter-offer listing might be the ideal option for you. Sellers can list a domain with a minimum offer and take action after receiving an offer at or above that minimum. And buyers can submit any amount for an offer on a domain—as long as it exceeds the minimum offer amount.

When an offer is submitted, there are a few options available for a response.

  • Accept: Accept the current offer or counter-offer for the domain. Once an offer is accepted, the sale is closed, the offer is considered binding and must be completed.
  • Counter: Respond to a current offer or counter-offer with another counter to negotiate the price of the domain. The buyer at this point can accept the counter, submit a response to the counter-offer or take no action.
  • Take no action: The offer or counter-offer will expire after 7 days of being submitted if no action is taken.
  • Push to a 7-day auction: The seller can push the buyer's offer to auction. The submitted offer becomes the opening bid in the 7-Day Public Auction, and other GoDaddy Auctions® members can bid on the listing.

There is no obligation for a seller to accept an offer, but if an offer is accepted, the sale is closed, and the offer is considered binding. The highest offer doesn't necessarily mean that buyer has won the domain—the seller must first accept the offer to conclude the sale.

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Offer/Counter-Offer with Buy Now

The same as an Offer/Counter-offer auction, but with the additional option to secure the domain through Buy Now. In an Offer/Counter-offer with Buy Now listing, a sale concludes when the seller accepts an offer, the buyer accepts a counter-offer or the buyer accepts the Buy Now price.

There is no obligation to accept an offer by either the buyer or seller. Offers and counter-offers are binding for seven days, and will expire after that seven day period, unless accepted. Any offers or counter-offers accepted within seven days concludes the sale and must be completed. The highest offer doesn't necessarily mean that buyer has won the domain—the seller must first accept the offer to conclude the sale.

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7-Day Public Auction

This is your typical online auction. The seller sets a starting bid price, bidders battle it out and, when time runs out, the highest bidder wins. There may not be a winner if the seller's reserve price hasn't been met. Buyers can't see what the reserve price is, but they can see if there is one and if it's been met by any other buyers. Sellers set the starting bid price which becomes the minimum bid buyers can enter for the domain name.

A 7-Day Public Auction typically ends at the end of the 7-day time frame. GoDaddy Auctions® may extend the length of an auction to allow potential buyers the opportunity to bid. If several bids are submitted in the final moments of an auction, you may lose out to one of these bidders. A clock icon displays next to domains with extended auction time. A 7-day auction can have a starting bid price up to US$50,000. If a seller wants to ask for higher initial offers, they must use an Offer/Counter-offer listing type.

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Push to Auction

Push to Auction is a feature at GoDaddy Auctions® that lets you convert a Offer/Counter-offer listing to a 7-Day Public Auction.

When you receive an offer for a domain, you can respond to the offer by accepting it, declining it, providing a counter-offer, or pushing the listing to auction. If you decide to push your Offer/Counter-offer listing to auction, the buyer's offer becomes the opening bid in the 7-Day Public Auction, and other GoDaddy Auctions® members can bid on the listing. You can't cancel the listing or add a reserve price after you Push to Auction because we convert the buyer's offer to the opening bid.

If there are multiple offers for a listing when you Push to Auction, the highest bid becomes the opening bid, and we cancel all pending offers. We add the domain to the Watching List for each member who made an offer, notify them of the change and provide a link to the auction. The original opening bid is still binding for the buyer who placed it, even if there are no additional offers placed.

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Value Priced Auctions

GoDaddy will occasionally list domains for auction when the previous domain owner no longer owns the domain. These domains are listed in a traditional bid-style auction, where potential buyers try to out-bid each other. The initial listing price is determined by GoDaddy's valuation process, and are listed for a 15-day time frame. The buyer with the highest bid at the end of the auction is the winner.

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Expired Auctions

Domains that simply expire are automatically entered into auction 25 days after expiration. You can bid on any expiring domain listed through GoDaddy Auctions®. Expired auctions last for 10 days, after which domains without bids are moved to Expired Domains Closeout. The current registrant can re-claim the domain up to 30 days after expiration. Once a bid is placed, the registrant can no longer renew the domain in their account.

It's possible to place a bid on your own expired domain after it's listed in Expired Auctions. We recommend renewing your expired domain, if it's available in your account, to avoid delays in receiving the domain.

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Expired Domains Closeout

These are domains with Buy Now prices as low as US$5.00. The GoDaddy Auctions® Expired Domains Closeout is a Buy Now option for expired auctions that have ended. A closeout begins after the 10-day Expired Auction has ended and lasts 5 days. It's the last chance to capture expired domains for just the closeout fee plus registration or transfer fee, before we return the expired domain to the registry. A closeout functions as a reverse auction where the price decreases daily. Any auction of an expired domain that doesn't receive a bid enters the closeout process.

Related steps

  • List a domain for auction or place a bid on an existing listing.
  • Make sure you set up your payee account details so we can process your purchase or sale.

More info

  • Check out our Domain Broker Service for a different option to acquire a domain that's already registered.
  • GoDaddy doesn't send any tax documents pertaining to the purchase or sale of domains through GoDaddy Auctions® or List for Sale, such as 1099 forms. All earnings must be self-reported by the seller. GoDaddy is not able to offer legal or tax advice, and we recommend reviewing your specific situation with a tax professional.
GoDaddy - Listing types for GoDaddy Auctions® (2024)


How do GoDaddy auctions work? ›

Each bid submitted on GoDaddy Auctions® is a binding contract, and your bid commits you to purchasing the domain if you place the winning bid. Offers must be accepted within 7 days to be valid—otherwise the offer/counter offer will expire.

Does GoDaddy auction expired domains? ›

You can purchase an expired domain through auctions or backorder services like GoDaddy Auctions.

How to place bid in auctions GoDaddy? ›

To view and place bids:
  1. From Bidding List, select Watching.
  2. In the domain's Make Bid/Offer column, enter your bid amount.
  3. Select that you have read and agree to the Universal Terms of Service Agreement, the GoDaddy Auctions® Membership Agreement, and the pricing structure for GoDaddy Auctions®.
  4. Select Submit Bid/Offer.

What is the best way to list a domain for sale? ›

The best option is to auction through either offer/counter offer or a seven-day public auction because if you've undervalued your domain in your listing price, you won't risk missing out on higher offers.

What is premium listing GoDaddy? ›

Premium Domains — At GoDaddy, Premium Domains are names that someone purchased, and then put up for auction on the aftermarket. You pay the seller's price, and then the Premium Domain is yours to register at its normal yearly fee.

How do I put my domain on auction? ›

How to Sell a Domain Name and Make Profit in 7 Steps
  1. Park the Domain Name.
  2. Appraise the Value of Your Domain Name. Ensure the Quality of Your Domain Name. ...
  3. Decide on a Pricing Strategy.
  4. Decide Where to Sell the Domain Name. ...
  5. Optimize the Domain Listing.
  6. Use an Escrow Service to Protect Your Domain Name.
  7. Transfer the Domain Name.

How much does GoDaddy take per sale? ›

There is an entire industry around buying and selling domains, and much of it is conducted via domain marketplaces owned by GoDaddy and United Internet. GoDaddy charges up to a 25% commission for each sale, while United Internet charges up to 20%.

How much commission does GoDaddy take? ›

To simplify commissions, effective Feb. 1, 2023, each marketplace is moving to a 15% commission rate for domain names pointed to Afternic, Dan, or Uniregistry nameservers at the time of the sale. If your domain name does not point to Afternic, Dan or Uniregistry nameservers, the commission charged will be 25%.

What happens when a GoDaddy auction ends with no bids? ›

If the auctions end with no bidders, the domain will be returned to the registry. During this time (referred to as a registry grace period), you can pay a redemption fee in addition to the renewal fee to restore the registration.

How much time it will take to receive a domain that is won at auction GoDaddy? ›

Domains purchased via Offer/Counter-offer or Buy Now listing type should be delivered within 5 to 20 days after the payment is delivered.

What happens if I don't renew my domain on GoDaddy? ›

If you fail to manually implement the renewal before the expiration date, the domain name will be cancelled and you will no longer have use of that name.

What is the GoDaddy redemption fee? ›

A redemption fee is charged when a domain has expired and/or passes the Autorenew Grace Period (AGP) and enters the Redemption Grace Period (RGP). If your domain name has expired, it may still be possible to renew it.

How do I make a successful auction website? ›

Provide high-quality images of the items being auctioned to help attract buyers. Highlight important information such as auction grace time, auction end, auction details, etc., to prevent confusion. Use color based on a fixed color palette to create a brand identity. Organize design elements in order of importance.

How to put a domain on an auction? ›

How to Sell a Domain Name and Make Profit in 7 Steps
  1. Park the Domain Name.
  2. Appraise the Value of Your Domain Name. Ensure the Quality of Your Domain Name. ...
  3. Decide on a Pricing Strategy.
  4. Decide Where to Sell the Domain Name. ...
  5. Optimize the Domain Listing.
  6. Use an Escrow Service to Protect Your Domain Name.
  7. Transfer the Domain Name.

How do I add a domain to my GoDaddy reseller? ›

Sign in to your Reseller Control Center (use your GoDaddy username and password). Select Settings, then select Company Info. Under Storefront Domain Setup, enter your preferred Standard Storefront Domain.

Can I sell a domain I bought on GoDaddy? ›

List your domains for sale using GoDaddy's List for Sale (LFS) domain listing service. Your domain will show for sale on over 100 top registrars and reseller websites collectively. Note: If your domain has Domain Protection active, you'll need to downgrade your protection plan after the sale is made.


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