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asteroid FAMA [408]

definition; asteroid fama (408) is interesting for people who want to become famous. it can show how or where your fame might manifest! if it’s aspecting jupiter, north node or sun it might manifest easier for you

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✨ ARIES: aries is the ‘leader of the zodiac’ so you might’ve radiated leader/main character energy since always (throughout your whole life). you probably set intentions for what you want in life early on or you always dreamed of huge popularity since you were a little kid. you just always knew you had an important purpose in your life that you should keep believing in! this might manifest for you by living your daily life, you could get an opportunity for your dream career randomly from a stranger.

✨ TAURUS: this is a good placement for fama since taurus is ruled by the 2H and by venus. venus is our beauty, 2H our money and success. your aura/energy and confidence can easily make people be interested into you and it could mainly be because of your looks before personality. fama in this placement could manifest for you online or you should start getting involved into modeling so that way you rise your popularity - being reposted everywhere for being pretty and having a bomb personality can make a person easily gain fame. you’re alluring, take advantage of it

GEMINI: gemini being ruled by mercury and gemini ruling hands this placement can also indicate someone very creative. you always have a lot on your mind and you know how to finish what you’ve started.. when being famous it is important to be able to accept any hate or negativity and you being able to finish what you’ve started, it makes you mature and strong which makes your fame potential even better! since mercury is our mind remember that whatever you focus on the most can manifest because you’re thinking of it becoming your reality 24/7. this placement and generating fame into your life is all about manifestation! - which is great because fama is how our fame could MANIFEST

✨ CANCER: i would advice you to not pretend to be someone you’re not and work on self love every day. with fama being in cancer you need to express your feelings.. wether be in real life or online! you have the potential to become famous for the way you think, for what you’ve been through in life and from that step on you can start being known for what you’ve desired to be.

✨ LEO: leo does represent our ego since it is ruled by the sun. the sun always gets the most attention without trying, i find this a lucky placement personally simply because you are powerfully blessed to have what you desire! just believe in yourself and have faith in your good future that WILL happen. you might also be easily likable if you’re confident and not egoistical because people always love that one person that can truly be motivation and inspiration to others. for example: saweetie

✨ VIRGO: you’re just a person that HAS to work HARDLY for your success. please remember that the ones who work the hardest always receive the best in the end, your work will pay off. this placement can be good though simply because virgo rules over the sixth house which represents our job, so you might just be destined to have it all, the life, the fame and the success.

LIBRA: this will sound a bit selfish but always make yourself the center of attention. i’ll be using kim kardashian’s friendship with paris hilton as an example: paris hilton used to have more fame than kim in the 2000s obviously. but if you guys don’t know - kim used the law of attention. she followed paris hilton’s steps and advice into fame, and slowly was making herself the center of attention next to her. basically if you have fama in libra this could manifest for you by always focusing on what YOU want and not ANYONE else in your life or around you! use your power, beauty, energy, mindset and your charm to gain success and fame because you’re capable of it, you truly have good potential.

✨ SCORPIO: i feel like scorpio in fama really radiates kanye west and the weeknd energy, let me explain why: kanye west is always doing what he wants and is keeping the same personality he used to have even before fame, he knows not to change for anything or anyone. the weeknd easily attracts attention because every now and then he will let you know what he’s feeling through his music but still won’t spill too much. he leaves people wondering about him which can easily rise your fame and attract attention into your life. the main purpose and how scorpio fama manifests is by being yourself and avoiding being problematic. fame could manifest for you just by knowing how to act/be smart in many situations.. make people lust over you and wonder what your next step will be!

✨ SAGITTARIUS: whatever you want to be known for literally do it. don’t be afraid to do what makes you happy, if you want to sing, go sing online/irl, if you want to model go do a photoshoot. sagittarius represents boldness and it is a fire sign, you CAN’T let anyone stop you from your dreams/desires. sagittarius fama can manifest for you by chasing attention by yourself because it won’t chase you.

✨ CAPRICORN: fama being in capricorn could indicate becoming famous by doing something reckless that went viral. example: a sex tape, a scandal and etc. capricorn rules over the 10H which represents success and our reputation. you can easily gain fame because you are meant to be successful and you already have a celebrity vibe to you or you will develop one as you get older.

✨ AQUARIUS: this placement can indicate being an online influencer or an IG model. your unique taste in things and beauty is to be admired for. 11H deals with aquarius which is also social communities so try being more social and surround yourself with people that can benefit you. anything you feel like isn’t doing anything for you and your future you shall leave alone because it’s for the best.

✨ PISCES: you might feel like you always need clarity and guidance so praying to God/whatever you believe in or asking your spirit guides and angels for signs can guide you into knowing how to achieve fame. you could get small messages through your dreams after asking your guides for tips on how to gain success and live your dream life, so if you’re dreaming of a car you might want to take pictures with a car? it’s all about having faith in everything you want. fama in pisces can manifest easily i feel like because you are gifted with some sort of power.


FAMA CONJ. JUPITER you could’ve either always felt lucky but if you haven’t you should know that you have good luck on your side, so remember to use it! whatever you desire is able to become your reality

FAMA OPP. JUPITER this is GOOD aspect for fama to make with jupiter because you could doubt your ability to become famous or gain success but jupiter will only help fama here. you just need believe, trust and faith

FAMA SEXTILE JUPITER here jupiter and fama are best friends but you need to make sure to make them last as best friends. work towards your success and don’t give up even on the harder days where you just don’t feel yourself. this is a good fame indicator, keep that in mind!

FAMA SQUARE JUPITER gaining luck when getting famous could be or feel like it’s easier for you. your fame could manifest by constantly transforming yourself into better versions of yourselves. when you’re feeling at your peace and everything is going well is the time where you could have your fame finally manifest for you

FAMA TRINE JUPITER THIS IS A LUCKY FAME ASPECT. you have a very good potential and fame could even be meant for you. make sure you’re happy before making other people happy. fama and jupiter support each other here so support yourself in everything you do!

(i didn’t go into detail with fama aspecting the sun or the north node because jupiter represents our luck and how your desires will manifest for you. your sun could just be a luck booster and your nn aspecting fama can tell you more into detail if you’re meant for that life.)


sun trine fama

sun sextile fama

sun opp. fama

nn conj. fama

nn trine fama



1H: good for the ones who want to become famous for being a singer/rapper. fama feels meant for you.

2H/10H: success has easier potential manifesting for you, 2H = your money 10H = the public you. 2H gives you a good opportunity to achieve money and easy success while the 10H does the same but even gives you a better platform when famous.

6H: read virgo fama

8H: 8H is other people’s money so you might not have to work hardly for your success and fame. it will easily come to you!

#saweetie | moonianbbyg (2024)


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