Strange Randomly Generated AI Art Prompts (2024)

Here’s a strange bunch of randomly generated mad-lib style phrases for inspiration! You can use these for AI Art Prompts, and I’d suggest adding the basic “hyperdetailed, 8k resolution, trending on artstation” with them to get better results. I also like to add “cartoon-art” to my AI Art Prompts, but that is personal preference. A lot of people like to add “In the style of…insert artist name” and it looks like “Speed Paint” is kind of popular. The possibilities are endless! See the ongoing list of my Nightcafe winning posts here, and visit my Nightcafe account where I’ve left every prompt open for you to try.

AI Art Prompt Generator body { font-family: Arial, sans-serif; text-align: center; margin-top: 20px; background-color: #f4f4f4; } #prompt-container { margin: 20px; padding: 10px; display: flex; flex-direction: column; align-items: center; } #prompt-container p { margin: 5px; padding: 5px; border: 1px solid #ddd; border-radius: 5px; background-color: #fff; } #regenerate-btn { margin-top: 20px; padding: 10px 20px; font-size: 16px; background-color: #007bff; color: white; border: none; border-radius: 5px; cursor: pointer; } #regenerate-btn:hover { background-color: #0056b3; }

Regenerate Promptsconst adjectives = [ “abstract”, “acrylic”, “aged”, “ambient”, “antique”, “artistic”, “astonishing”, “asymmetrical”, “avant-garde”, “baroque”, “beautiful”, “bioluminescent”, “blended”, “bold”, “bright”, “brilliant”, “bronzed”, “brushed”, “buoyant”, “burnished”, “captivating”, “celestial”, “charcoal”, “charming”, “chiaroscuro”, “classic”, “clear”, “colorful”, “colour-washed”, “complex”, “conceptual”, “contemporary”, “contrasted”, “cool”, “crisp”, “cubist”, “curved”, “dazzling”, “decorative”, “deep”, “delicate”, “detailed”, “digital”, “dimensional”, “distorted”, “dramatic”, “dreamlike”, “dreamy”, “dull”, “dynamic”, “earthy”, “eerie”, “elaborate”, “elegant”, “enamel”, “enchanted”, “energetic”, “engraved”, “Technocore-alchemist”, “enthralling”, “ethereal”, “hologram-data Compositional Unity”, “brilliant stunning tacit Inviting”, “exotic”, “expressive”, “exquisite”, “fantastical”, “fine”, “flamboyant”, “flawless”, “flickering”, “fluid”, “matrix-style”, “fluorescent”, “folk”, “fragile”, “frescoed”, “futuristic”, “galactic”, “geometric”, “gilded”, “glazed”, “glistening”, “glossy”, “glowing”, “gorgeous”, “gothic”, “graceful”, “gradient-colored”, “grand”, “graphic”, “gritty”, “grotesque”, “hallucinatory”, “handcrafted”, “hand-painted”, “harmonious”, “haunting”, “hazy”, “heavenly”, “heavy”, “holographic”, “hyperrealistic”, “iconic”, “idealized”, “illuminated”, “imaginary”, “immaculate”, “impressionist”, “incandescent”, “incredible”, “industrial”, “informal”, “inked”, “innovative”, “inspiring”, “intense”, “interactive”, “intricate”, “inventive”, “iridescent”, “jewel-toned”, “layered”, “life-like”, “light”, “lively”, “luminous”, “luxurious”, “magical”, “majestic”, “marbled”, “matte”, “meditative”, “melancholic”, “mesmerizing”, “metallic”, “minimalist”, “mirrored”, “modern”, “modest”, “moody”, “mosaic”, “mural”, “muted”, “mystical”, “natural”, “neon”, “neutral”, “new-age”, “noble”, “nostalgic”, “nuanced”, “oily”, “old-world”, “ombre”, “opaque”, “open”, “optical”, “organic”, “ornamental”, “ornate”, “otherworldly”, “outlined”, “outstanding”, “overlapping”, “oversized”, “painterly”, “pastel”, “patchwork”, “patterned”, “pearlescent”, “pen-and-ink”, “phantasmagoric”, “phenomenal”, “photorealistic”, “picturesque”, “piercing”, “pioneering”, “pixelated”, “plastered”, “polished”, “pop-art”, “porcelain”, “postmodern”, “primal”, “primitive”, “prismatic”, “private”, “psychedelic”, “pulsating”, “pure”, “quaint”, “radiant”, “raw”, “realistic”, “refined”, “reflective”, “remarkable”, “renaissance”, “rendered”, “resplendent”, “restored”, “reverent”, “rich”, “rococo”, “romantic”, “rough”, “rustic”, “saturated”, “scenic”, “sculptural”, “seamless”, “seasonal”, “sensual”, “sepia-toned”, “shadowed”, “hyperdetailed thrilling brilliant”, “shimmering”, “shiny”, “simplistic”, “sketched”, “sleek”, “smoky”, “soft”, “solemn”, “sophisticated”, “sparkling”, “spectacular”, “spiritual”, “splendid”, “spontaneous”, “stained”, “stark”, “startling”, “static”, “stippled”, “striking”, “structured”, “stunning”, “subdued”, “sublime”, “surreal”, “symbolic”, “symmetrical”, “tactile”, “tasteful”, “textured”, “theatrical”, “timeless”, “traditional”, “translucent”, “transparent”, “trendy”, “tribal”, “ultramodern”, “unconventional”, “undulating”, “unique”, “urban”, “vaporized”, “varnished”, “vast”, “velvety”, “vibrant”, “victorian”, “vintage”, “virtual”, “vivid”, “voluminous”, “warped”, “watercolored”, “whimsical”, “wispy”, “wonderful”, “wooden”, “woven”, “zany”, “zen”, “heavy-metal”, “werewolf-style”, “lovely incandescent”, “fantasy high resolution”, “William Blake art”, “epic style”, “bewitched”,];const nouns = [ “massive huge moon”, “cat”, “prophacy”, “monster”, “princess”, “lion”, “pirate”, “boat”, “ballerina”, “superhero”, “elf”, “reindeer”, “clown”, “Santa”, “dragonfly”, “castle”, “dragon”, “monkey”, “mouse”, “house”, “hat”, “ballroom”, “rocking chair”, “swing”, “slide”, “stuffed animal”, “microphone”, “sci-fi city”, “fence”, “tent”, “Lego”, “fern”, “television”, “video camera”, “kitchen”, “rain boots”, “scarf”, “notebook”, “compass”, “book”, “trophy”, “statue”, “car”, “truck”, “tractor”, “airplane”, “jet”, “cloud”, “raindrop”, “teddy bear”, “heater”, “wand”, “crystal ball”, “magic carpet”, “skating rink”, “artist”, “skyline”, “doll”, “kite”, “firefly”, “candle”, “light bulb”, “lantern”, “gate”, “mailbox”, “blanket”, “perfume”, “fire truck”, “dump truck”, “police car”, “globe”, “bicycle”, “sailboat”, “violin”, “guitar”, “piano”, “harmonica”, “saxophone”, “drum”, “flute”, “chalice”, “amulet”, “scepter”, “throne”, “crown”, “tiara”, “sword”, “shield”, “bow and arrow”, “helmet”, “armor”, “robe”, “cape”, “mask”, “goblet”, “urn”, “vase”, “pitcher”, “wine glass”, “teacup”, “serving platter”, “candelabra”, “bookshelf”, “window”, “door”, “archway”, “bridge”, “tower”, “lighthouse”, “windmill”, “barn”, “greenhouse”, “fountain”, “pond”, “stream”, “river”, “ocean”, “beach”, “forest”, “mountain”, “valley”, “meadow”, “field”, “desert”, “canyon”, “volcano”, “iceberg”, “glacier”, “sunrise”, “sunset”, “moon”, “star”, “comet”, “nebula”, “galaxy”, “asteroid”, “meteor”, “robot”, “alien landscape”, “enchanted forest”, “steampunk city”, “dystopian metropolis”, “wizard’s tower”, “space battle”, “underwater city”, “futuristic car”, “ancient ruins”, “ghost town”, “vampire castle”, “cyborg”, “pirate ship”, “giant robot”, “asteroid mine”, “alien”, “dimensional portal”, “mystical island”, “abandoned laboratory”, “floating islands”, “ice fortress”, “desert oasis”, “haunted mansion”, “secret garden”, “lost civilization”, “cybernetic organism”, “magical realm”, “virtual reality world”, “post-apocalyptic wasteland”, “mushroom”, “city”, “time machine”, “parallel universe”, “ancient temple”, “mystic mountains”, “goblin village”, “phoenix nest”, “demon realm”, “witch’s cottage”, “crystal cavern”, “sacred shrine”, “elven city”, “dark forest”, “sunken ship”, “cursed tomb”, “fairy glade”, “zombie horde”, “mechanical beast”, “alien mothership”, “necromancer’s castle”, “mythical beast”, “underground bunker”, “toxic wasteland”, “relic of power”, “ethereal plane”, “shadowy figure”, “mysterious artifact”, “forgotten deity”, “arcane library”, “hidden dojo”, “sphinx’s riddle”, “time traveler”, “celestial event”, “ancient manuscript”, “otherworldly visitor”, “futuristic metropolis”, “prehistoric jungle”, “bioluminescent bay”, “dimensional rift”, “interstellar colony”,];const verbs = [ “chasing”, “painting”, “transforming”, “exploring”, “escaping”, “fighting”, “discovering”, “hovering over”, “running through”, “sailing”, “floating in”, “invading”, “defending”, “climbing”, “diving into”, “wandering”, “building”, “destroying”, “conjuring”, “crafting”, “uncovering”, “igniting”, “soaring”, “plunging”, “evading”, “encountering”, “befriending”, “betraying”, “avenging”, “protecting”, “revealing”, “hiding”, “casting”, “summoning”, “banishing”, “deciphering”, “solving”, “repairing”, “guiding”, “following”, “leading”, “watching”, “observing”, “admiring”, “mocking”, “laughing at”, “mourning”, “celebrating”, “remembering”, “forgetting”, “learning”, “teaching”, “reading”, “writing”, “sketching”, “singing”, “playing”, “dancing”, “acting”, “directing”, “editing”, “photographing”, “programming”, “hacking”, “securing”, “attacking”, “deflecting”, “negotiating”, “collecting”, “hunting”, “tracking”, “freeing”, “rescuing”, “cursing”, “blessing”, “healing”, “enchanting”, “charging”, “enhancing”, “empowering”, “evoking”, “silencing”, “amplifying”, “illuminating”, “brightening”, “coloring”, “aging”, “rejuvenating”, “accelerating”, “advancing”, “ascending”, “expanding”, “opening”, “starting”, “pausing”, “initiating”, “generating”, “synthesizing”, “analyzing”, “measuring”, “comparing”, “aligning”, “stabilizing”, “solidifying”, “vaporizing”, “freezing”, “melting”, “cooling”, “heating”, “magnifying”, “enlarging”, “duplicating”, “reversing”, “tuning”, “filtering”, “isolating”, “linking”, “binding”, “locking”, “loading”, “activating”, “arming”, “deploying”, “ejecting”, “inserting”, “attaching”, “joining”, “combining”, “merging”, “multiplying”, “adding”, “raising”, “lifting”, “pushing”, “pulling”, “dragging”, “carrying”, “moving”, “transferring”, “teleporting”, “traveling”, “voyaging”, “navigating”, “steering”, “flying”, “gliding”, “rolling”, “bouncing”, “leaping”, “jumping”, “clambering”, “scaling”, “falling”, “sinking”, “swimming”, “submerging”, “anchoring”, “docking”, “launching”, “projecting”, “throwing”, “shooting”, “blasting”, “striking”, “hitting”, “smashing”, “cutting”, “slicing”, “stabbing”, “punching”, “beating”, “demolishing”, “eradicating”, “exterminating”, “snuffing”, “calming”, “settling”, “pacifying”, “conciliating”, “agreeing”, “yielding”, “surrendering”, “granting”, “giving”, “donating”, “offering”, “providing”, “supplying”, “equipping”, “fitting”, “modifying”, “changing”, “refitting”, “mending”, “fixing”, “correcting”, “amending”, “curing”, “alleviating”, “mitigating”, “reducing”, “lowering”, “trimming”, “shortening”, “shrinking”, “compressing”, “consolidating”, “squeezing”, “crushing”, “flattening”, “smoothing”, “polishing”, “coating”, “wrapping”, “encasing”,];const artists = [ “Da Vinci”, “Van Gogh”, “Picasso”, “Tom Roberts”, “Bojan Koturanovic”, “Kelly Freas”, “Etienne Hebinger”, “William Blake”, “Kay Sage”, “Brothers Hildebrandt”, “Vincent van Gogh”, “Pablo Picasso”, “Georgia O’Keeffe”, “Jackson Pollock”, “Andy Warhol”, “Banksy”, “Claude Monet”, “Frida Kahlo”, “Gustav Klimt”, “Salvador Dalí”, “Jean-Michel Basquiat”, “Yayoi Kusama”, “Katsushika Hokusai”, “Hieronymus Bosch”, “Edvard Munch”, “Marc Chagall”, “Gustave Courbet”, “Alphonse Mucha”, “John Singer Sargent”, “Egon Schiele”, “René Magritte”, “Fernando Botero”, “Mary Cassatt”, “Edgar Degas”, “Grant Wood”, “Johannes Vermeer”, “Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres”, “Takashi Murakami”, “Ai Weiwei”, “Marina Abramović”, “Anselm Kiefer”, “Gerhard Richter”, “Lucian Freud”, “Damien Hirst”, “Tracey Emin”, “David Hockney”, “Chuck Close”, “Roy Lichtenstein”, “Henri Matisse”, “Wassily Kandinsky”, “Joan Miró”, “Kazimir Malevich”, “El Greco”, “Titian”, “Raphael”, “Sandro Botticelli”, “Artemisia Gentileschi”, “Barbara Kruger”, “Yoko Ono”, “Zaha Hadid”, “Jeanne-Claude and Christo”, “Keith Haring”, “Annie Leibovitz”, “Steve McCurry”, “Shepard Fairey”, “Invader”, “Kehinde Wiley”, “Amy Sherald”, “Kara Walker”, “Yinka Shonibare”, “Olafur Eliasson”, “James Turrell”, “Mariko Mori”, “Do Ho Suh”, “Cindy Sherman”, “Jeff Koons”, “Jasper Johns”, “Robert Rauschenberg”, “Joseph Beuys”, “Anish Kapoor”, “Richard Serra”, “Bruce Nauman”, “Dan Flavin”, “Donald Judd”, “Sol LeWitt”, “Lawrence Weiner”, “Yves Klein”, “Pierre Soulages”, “Bridget Riley”, “Victor Vasarely”, “Agnes Martin”, “Ellsworth Kelly”, “Mark Rothko”, “Willem de Kooning”, “Franz Kline”, “Robert Motherwell”, “Clyfford Still”, “Barnett Newman”, “Ad Reinhardt”, “Mark Tobey”, “Arshile Gorky”, “Joan Mitchell”, “Lee Krasner”, “Helen Frankenthaler”, “Morris Louis”, “Klaus Wittmann, Bastien Lecouffe Deharme, Alex Alemany”, “Kenneth Noland”, “Jules Olitski”, “Frank Stella”, “Richard Diebenkorn”, “Wayne Thiebaud”, “Tom Wesselmann”, “Simone Leigh”, “Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg”, “Patty Chang”, “Virgil Abloh”, “Amoako Boafo”, “Precious Okoyomon”, “Firelei Báez”, “Toyin Ojih Odutola”, “Jordan Casteel”, “Derrick Adams”, “Faith Ringgold”, “Titus Kaphar”, “Bisa Butler”, “Njideka Akunyili Crosby”, “Julie Mehretu”, “Lubaina Himid”, “Arthur Jafa”, “Rashid Johnson”, “Wangechi Mutu”, “Mickalene Thomas”, “Cao Yu”, “Liu Wei”, “Xu Zhen”, “Guo Fengyi”, “Eddie Peake”, “He Xiangyu”, “Zhang Huan”, “Yue Minjun”, “Zanele Muholi”, “Isaac Julien”, “Lorna Simpson”, “Glenn Ligon”, “Theaster Gates”, “Juliana Huxtable”, “Cory Arcangel”, “Rafael Lozano-Hemmer”, “Ian Cheng”, “Oliver Laric”, “Trevor Paglen”, “Hito Steyerl”, “Jon Rafman”, “Camille Henrot”, “Haroon Mirza”, “Laure Prouvost”, “Anicka Yi”, “Simon Fujiwara”, “Jenny Saville”, “Cecily Brown”, “Mark Bradford”, “Sondra Perry”, “Pamela Rosenkranz”, “Ryan Gander”, “Lynette Yiadom-Boakye”, “Christine Sun Kim”, “Tala Madani”, “Nathaniel Mary Quinn”, “Jordan Wolfson”, “Sara Cwynar”, “Danh Vo”, “Etel Adnan”, “Adrian Ghenie”, “Nicole Eisenman”, “Jimmie Durham”, “Hajime Sorayama”, “Shara Hughes”, “Michael Armitage”, “Robin F. Williams”, “Tomás Saraceno”, “Es Devlin”, “Madison Bycroft”, “Agostino Iacurci”, “Lauren Halsey”, “Dawoud Bey”, “Carrie Mae Weems”, “Lorraine O’Grady”, “Stan Douglas”, “Jeff Wall”, “Tracey Moffatt”, “Cindy Sherman”, “Andres Serrano”, “Bill Viola”, “Mariko Mori”, “Nam June Paik”, “Bruce Nauman”, “Paul Cézanne”, “Édouard Manet”, “Camille Pissarro”, “Georges Seurat”, “Paul Gauguin”, “Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec”, “Amedeo Modigliani”, “Paul Klee”, “Piet Mondrian”, “Max Ernst”, “Fernand Léger”, “Giorgio de Chirico”, “André Derain”, “Alberto Giacometti”, “Max Beckmann”, “Diego Rivera”, “Joan Baez”, “Josef Albers”, “Alexander Calder”, “Robert Delaunay”, “André Masson”, “Jean Arp”, “Man Ray”, “Dorothea Tanning”, “Leonora Carrington”, “Louise Nevelson”, “Balthus”, “Yves Tanguy”, “Roberto Matta”, “William de Kooning”, “Alice Neel”, “Jacob Lawrence”, “Romare Bearden”, “Five finger death punch”, “Metallica”, “Black Sabbath”,];const artStyles = [ “Impressionist”, “Cubist”, “cartoon art illustration”, “black light poster art”, “Surrealist”, “Pixel Art”, “Art Deco”, “Art Nouveau”, “Detailed textured mixed media artwork consisting of oil, watercolor, sponge, palette painting with knives, brayer, ink and primer”, “mixed media artwork watercolor, ink”, “Highly Detailed Ornamental”, “European ink painting”, “Bauhaus”, “Baroque”, “Cyberpunk”, “Expressionism”, “Abstract Art”, “Minimalism”, “Pop Art”, “Futurism”, “Dadaism”, “Rococo”, “Neoclassicism”, “Romanticism”, “Realism”, “Gothic Art”, “Renaissance”, “Post-Impressionism”, “Fauvism”, “Constructivism”, “De Stijl”, “Op Art”, “Art Brut”, “Neo-Expressionism”, “Art Informel”, “Tachisme”, “Lyrical Abstraction”, “Conceptual Art”, “Land Art”, “Environmental Art”, “Street Art”, “Graffiti Art”, “Digital Art”, “Vector Art”, “Glitch Art”, “Anime”, “Manga”, “Ukiyo-e”, “Chiaroscuro”, “Pointillism”, “Neon Art”, “Kinetic Art”, “Steampunk”, “Biomorphic Art”, “Geometric Abstraction”, “Hard-Edge Painting”, “Action Painting”, “Color Field Painting”, “Calligraphy”, “Photorealism”, “Hyperrealism”, “Suprematism”, “Vorticism”, “Neo-Geo”, “Postmodern Art”, “Transavantgarde”, “Arte Povera”, “Neo-Dada”, “Neo-Pop”, “Fluxus”, “Mail Art”, “Installation Art”, “Video Art”, “Sound Art”, “Performance Art”, “Body Art”, “Earthworks”, “Minimalist Sculpture”, “Assemblage Art”, “Collage”, “Mobiles”, “Stencil Art”, “Toy Art”, “Lowbrow Art”, “Outsider Art”, “Visionary Art”, “Folk Art”, “Tribal Art”, “Brutalism”, “Psychedelic Art”, “Biomorphism”, “Orphism”, “Rayonism”, “Purism”, “Cloisonnism”, “Synthetism”, “Lettrism”, “Situationalist International”, “Social Realism”, “Magic Realism”, “Nouveau Réalisme”, “Regionalism”, “Tonalism”, “Washington Color School”, “New Leipzig School”, “Stuckism”, “YBA (Young British Artists)”, “Neo-Figurative Art”, “New Objectivity”, “Orientalism”, “Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood”, “Symbolism”, “Tenebrism”, “Verism”, “Hyperdetailed”, “Smoothly Illustrated”, “Cartoon Art”, “Anime Style”, “Vintage”, “Muted Colors”, “Stormy”, “Dramatic”, “Calm”, “Peaceful”, “Abstract Expressionism”, “Minimalistic”, “Photorealistic”, “Surrealistic”, “Futuristic”, “Woodblock Print”, “Etching”, “Lithography”, “Monochrome”, “Pastel Tones”, “Neon Colors”, “High Contrast”, “Low Poly”, “Watercolor”, “Oil Painting”, “Acrylics”, “Charcoal Sketch”, “Pen and Ink”, “Mosaic”, “Tapestry”, “Textile Art”, “Ceramic Art”, “Glass Art”, “Metal Art”, “Wood Art”, “Sand Art”, “Ice Sculptures”, “Kinetic Sand Art”, “Body Painting”, “Face Painting”, “Typography”, “Hand Lettering”, “3D Rendering”, “Augmented Reality Art”, “Virtual Reality Art”, “Holographic Art”, “Interactive Art”, “Site-Specific Art”, “Public Art”, “Street Installations”, “Artistic Intervention”, “Shadow Art”, “Light and Shadow Play”, “Silhouette Art”, “Papercraft”, “Origami”, “Kirigami”, “Scrapbooking”, “Mixed Media”, “Bio Art”, “Food Art”, “Natural Materials Art”, “Recycled Art”, “Upcycled Art”, “Found Object Art”, “Sustainable Art”, “Eco Art”, “Geometric Patterns”, “Organic Forms”, “Dynamic Compositions”, “Static Compositions”, “Sequential Art”, “Narrative Art”, “Visual Storytelling”, “Comic Strips”, “Graphic Novels”, “Webcomics”, “Storyboard Art”, “Concept Art”, “Character Design”, “Environment Design”, “Prop Design”, “Costume Design”, “Fashion Illustration”, “Jewelry Design”, “Architectural Rendering”, “Interior Design Sketches”, “Landscape Design Drawings”, “Urban Sketching”, “Travel Sketches”, “Plein Air Painting”, “Portraiture”, “Figure Drawing”, “Anatomical Studies”, “Botanical Illustration”, “Wildlife Illustration”, “Scientific Illustration”, “Fantasy Illustration”, “Science Fiction Illustration”, “Horror Illustration”, “Mystical and Magical”, “Dreamlike”, “Nightmarish”, “Whimsical”, “Humorous”, “Satirical”, “Political Art”, “Social Commentary”, “Historical Reenactment”, “Cultural Representation”, “Heritage Preservation”, “Memory and Nostalgia”, “Futurism and Speculation”, “Exploration of Identity”, “Gender Expression”, “Sexuality Exploration”, “Mental Health Themes”, “Spiritual and Religious”, “Mythological Themes”, “Legendary Tales”, “Epic Sagas”, “Folklore and Fairy Tales”, “Urban Legends”, “Cryptozoology”, “Alien and Extraterrestrial”, “Underwater Worlds”, “Celestial and Cosmic”, “Microscopic”, “Macroscopic”, “Abstract Landscapes”, “Urban Landscapes”, “Rural Landscapes”, “Industrial Landscapes”, “Mythical Landscapes”, “Apocalyptic Landscapes”, “Utopian Visions”, “Dystopian Visions”, “Alternate Realities”, “Parallel Worlds”, “Time Travel”, “Historical Periods”, “Cultural Mashups”, “Technological Integration”, “Nature and Technology”, “Human and Machine”, “Artificial Intelligence”, “Virtual and Physical”, “Inner Worlds”, “Psychological Exploration”, “Emotional States”, “Abstract Emotions”, “Color as Emotion”, “Texture as Narrative”, “Movement and Flow”, “Stillness and Silence”, “Light as Subject”, “Shadow as Subject”, “Reflection and Refraction”, “Transparency and Opacity”, “Illusion and Reality”, “Perception and Perspective”, “Visual Paradoxes”, “Optical Illusions”, “Sensory Experiences”, “Tactile Art”,];const adj2 = [ “painting”, “photograph”, “work of art”, “canvas”, “impressionist painting”, “vintage photo”, “digital Photoshop creation”, “abstract collage”, “layered paper artwork”, “optical illusion design”, “art nouveau painting”, “art deco painting”, “baroque painting”, “landscape painting”, “portrait”, “still life”, “street art”, “graffiti”, “mural”, “watercolor painting”, “oil painting”, “acrylic painting”, “chalk drawing”, “charcoal sketch”, “pen and ink drawing”, “pencil sketch”, “pastel artwork”, “digital illustration”, “vector art”, “pixel art”, “animation”, “sculpture”, “ceramic art”, “wood carving”, “stone sculpture”, “metal sculpture”, “glass art”, “fiber art”, “textile design”, “fashion design”, “jewelry design”, “installation art”, “performance art”, “video art”, “conceptual art”, “environmental art”, “land art”, “pop art”, “minimalist painting”, “cubist painting”, “futurist artwork”, “expressionist art”, “surrealist painting”, “abstract expressionist art”, “neo-expressionism”, “rococo painting”, “renaissance painting”, “gothic art”, “byzantine art”, “modernist painting”, “contemporary art”, “kinetic art”, “trompe l’oeil”, “caricature”, “comic art”, “manga art”, “anime style art”, “storyboard”, “concept art”, “character design”, “environment design”, “prop design”, “costume design”, “stencil art”, “collage”, “mixed media art”, “assemblage art”, “body art”, “face painting”, “body painting”, “calligraphy”, “typography”, “hand lettering”, “book art”, “paper mache”, “sand art”, “ice sculpture”, “snow sculpture”, “neon art”, “light art”, “shadow art”, “bio art”, “food art”, “ephemeral art”, “sand painting”, “batik”, “quilt art”, “stained glass art”, “mosaic art”, “tapestry”, “rug design”, “fresco”, “encaustic painting”, “action painting”, “color field painting”, “hard-edge painting”, “vorticism”, “fluxus”, “op art”, “art brut”, “lowbrow art”, “outsider art”, “visionary art”, “folk art”, “tribal art”, “aboriginal art”, “oriental painting”, “scroll painting”, “panorama”, “diorama”, “vexel art”, “mandala art”, “zentangle art”, “art therapy creation”, “scratch art”, “digital photo manipulation”, “digital art montage”, “3D rendering”, “augmented reality art”, “virtual reality art”, “algorithmic art”, “generative art”, “interactive art”, “sound art”, “electronic art”, “toy art”, “playground design”, “architectural model”, “scale model”, “miniature painting”, “doodle”, “zentangle”, “engraving”, “etching”, “lithography”, “woodblock printing”, “screen printing”, “monotype”, “linocut”, “giclee print”, “artistic map”, “geometric design”, “industrial design”, “product mockup”, “blueprint”, “architectural rendering”, “interior design sketch”, “landscape design plan”, “fashion illustration”, “technical drawing”, “medical illustration”, “scientific illustration”, “botanical illustration”, “wildlife illustration”, “fantasy illustration”, “science fiction illustration”, “horror illustration”, “sacred art”, “icon painting”, “devotional artwork”, “ritual art”, “altar piece”, “tattoo design”, “henna art”, “automotive art”, “nautical art”, “aerospace art”, “space art”, “sports art”, “music-related art”, “dance-related art”, “theatrical set design”, “advertisem*nt design”, “editorial illustration”, “poster art”, “banner design”, “street installation”, “public art”, “museum exhibit design”, “gallery installation”, “art festival display”, “trade show exhibit”, “ceremonial costume”, “event decoration”, “party theme design”, “wedding invitation design”, “greeting card design”, “album cover art”, “book cover art”, “magazine layout”, “web design”, “app interface design”, “user experience design”, “graphic novel”, “webcomic”, “political cartoon”, “editorial cartoon”];function generateArtPrompts() { let prompts = new Set(); while (prompts.size < 25) { let adjective1 = adjectives[Math.floor(Math.random() * adjectives.length)]; let noun1 = nouns[Math.floor(Math.random() * nouns.length)]; let verb = verbs[Math.floor(Math.random() * verbs.length)]; let noun2 = nouns[Math.floor(Math.random() * nouns.length)]; let adjective2 = adjectives[Math.floor(Math.random() * adjectives.length)]; let artist = artists[Math.floor(Math.random() * artists.length)]; let style2 = adj2[Math.floor(Math.random() * adj2.length)]; let prompt = `A ${verb} ${adjective1} ${noun1}. Mixed media of hyper-detailed ${style2}, a ${adjective2} painting inspired by ${artist}, in a masterpiece with smooth clear clean edges`; prompts.add(`


`); } document.getElementById(‘prompt-container’).innerHTML = Array.from(prompts).join(”);}// Initial generation of art promptswindow.onload = generateArtPrompts;

Get more like these from this AI Art Prompt generator:

Visualize a azure viking longship in a cave of wonders filled with treasures in face painting style. 

Visualize a heroic ancient coliseum in a dense jungle in fauvism style. 

Develop a elusive olive grove in a cave of wonders filled with treasures in symbolism style. 

Create a barren electron launcher in a world mirrored in dreams and nightmares in memory and nostalgia style. 

Compose a rift clockwork metropolis at sunset in visual storytelling style. 

Design a spectral abandoned castle in mist in the expanse of a mirage-filled desert in visual paradoxes style. 

Construct a vivid dimensional talk under the sea in a submarine in interactive art style. 

Design a harmonious ancient stepwell on the shores of a hidden lake in legendary tales style. 

Sketch a spiral void energy source within a secret garden in historical periods style. 

Formulate a platinum supernatural realm on a ghost ship adrift at sea in movement and flow style. 

Produce a zephyr firework festival over city in a dense jungle in etching style. 

Invent a unraveled glass blowing in action in a world mirrored in dreams and nightmares in utopian visions style. 

Depict a opalescent tyrant’s dungeon on the balcony of a lighthouse in stuckism style. 

Paint a solar enchanted peaks on the back of a flying creature in realism style. 

Develop a supernatural street festival on a distant planet in neoclassicism style. 

Craft a harmonious universe tuner in the labyrinth of an old library in transparency and opacity style. 

Dream up a prophetic blacksmith’s forge across a bridge over an abyss in expressionism style. 

Compose a primordial lava flow meeting ocean in the depths of space in gender expression style. 

Conceive a barren star life cycle research in the orbit of a dying star in tenebrism style. 

Construct a runed alternate dimension in the labyrinth of an old library in muted colors style. 

Visit AI Art Subjects – Random Idea Generator For more like these:

a mountaintop temple under the canopy of a neon-lit rainforest at night. 

a hidden dell in a mansion of hidden passages and secret rooms. 

a subatomic processor in a vampire’s castle. 

a future cityscape at a crossroads in a forgotten land. 

a spy’s hideaway in the eye of a cosmic storm, where reality bends and time folds. 

male beneath the waves, in the eye of a hurricane, calm and surreal. 

a spectral ghost inside a crystal cave. 

a magical academy in a field of endless flowers. 

a magical drum within the bustling marketplace of a caravan city. 

a magical trumpet at a crossroads. 

a fae township in a mansion of hidden passages and secret rooms. 

a scientist’s laboratory in a philosopher’s study. 

a cake decorating on the frontier of an expanding galaxy. 

a rice terraces at dawn inside an underwater city with architecture of coral and pearl. 

a brewer’s cellar beneath the northern lights. 

a museum hall inside a clock tower. 

a peaceful village in a philosopher’s study. 

a haunted mirror inside the hull of a sunken pirate ship. 

a mirror lake at sunrise in the heart of a volcano. 

a ancient stepwell on a space station. 

a ornate cathedral in the embrace of a magical vortex. 

a portal creator in the radiance of a bioluminescent forest. 

a theologian’s cloister in a bustling metropolis at night. 

a magical bell inside a hidden cave. 

a secret garden inside a derelict spaceship. 

a cosmic anomaly beneath the northern lights. 

a botanical garden amidst a sprawling desert. 

a magical chime at the edge of the world. 

a secret bolt-hole at a crossroads. 

a music festival stage amidst the ruins of a technologically advanced civilization. 

Visit AI Art Prompt Generator With Artist Names for more like these:

defending a famous quantum fluctuation monitoring in a mansion of hidden passages and secret rooms. Ai Weiwei, technological integration. 

submerging a melodic invisibility cloak at a crossroads in a forgotten land. Jan van Eyck, body art. 

scaling a destroyed cosmic event prediction model along a winding mountain path. Al Williamson, sexuality exploration. 

duplicating a preserved steampunk city under a full moon. John Singer Sargent, neo-geo. 

acting a enlightened elven city in a forgotten temple. Roy Krenkel, site-specific art. 

bouncing a neon-lit cosmic dust cloud on a distant planet. Frida Kahlo, botanical illustration. 

measuring a serene stellar phenomenon in the heart of a volcano. Julie Bell, sound art. 

isolating a psycho spacetime fabric manipulator in the depths of space. Charles Dana Gibson, fashion illustration. 

cursing a desolate cosmic energy collector in a snowstorm. El Greco, quirky. 

aging a discredited lunar base on a ghost ship adrift at sea. Man Ray, digital art. 

destroying a celestial spacetime fabric manipulator in a field of endless flowers. Do Ho Suh, virtual reality art. 

scaling a cyberpunk stellar lifecycle study in the chaos of a city during a revolution. Barry Windsor-Smith, storyboard art. 

consolidating a shimmering nanotechnology lab in a mansion of hidden passages and secret rooms. Derrick Adams, calm. 

blasting a sacrosanct man on a distant planet. Juliana Huxtable, graphic novels. 

amending a zombie castle across a frozen tundra. Gustav Klimt, lithography. 

navigating a dishonored phoenix nest in a dense jungle. Lauren Halsey, verism. 

exploring a ineffective ancient ruins at the edge of the world. Hieronymus Bosch, urban landscapes. 

uncovering a ancient hidden dojo in a mansion of hidden passages and secret rooms. Sandro Botticelli, magic realism. 

directing a abandoned ancient manuscript in a world mirrored in dreams and nightmares. Kenneth Noland, action painting. 

remembering a quintessential cybernetic organism in the tranquility of a zen garden. Amy Sherald, apocalyptic landscapes. 

Visit 20 Unique AI Art Prompt Ideas Generated Instantly for more like these:

A cheap alien species preservation program synthesizing across a bridge over an abyss, art style: anime mixed with mythical landscapes and Roaring Twenties.

A outdated zombie horde photographing in the labyrinth of an old library, art style: pop art mixed with kinetic art and Pop Art Era.

A multi-colored woman programming in the shadow of a giant statue, art style: graffiti art mixed with post-impressionism and Punk Rock Era.

A immortalized galactic heritage preservation attacking at sunset, art style: steampunk mixed with environmental sculpture and Harlem Renaissance.

A organic temporal loop creator hitting within a cloistered monastery, art style: conceptual art mixed with fauvism and MidCentury.

A elven nanotechnology lab invading under a full moon, art style: mail art mixed with artificial intelligence and Roaring Twenties.

A static light speed travel coloring on a deserted island, art style: pixel art mixed with silhouette art and Age of Exploration.

A vaporized ancient manuscript empowering during an eclipse, art style: neo-pop mixed with political art and Retro.

A radiant ancient temple steering at the edge of the world, art style: purism mixed with recycled art and French Revolution.

A icy hidden dojo observing on a journey through a post-apocalyptic wasteland, art style: art povera mixed with environmental art and Romanesque Period.

A inefficient sacred shrine deciphering inside a crystal cave, art style: hard-edge painting mixed with visual paradoxes and Age of Discovery.

A lush fairy glade striking in the depths of space, art style: regionalism mixed with mental health themes and Bronze Age.

A steampunk robotic uprising alleviating in the shadow of a giant statue, art style: verism mixed with recycled art and Gilded Age.

A ancient crystal cavern hovering over in the heart of a volcano, art style: lettrism mixed with kinetic art and Industrial Revolution.

A haunted interdimensional peace treaty punching beneath the northern lights, art style: action painting mixed with sound art and Dutch Golden Age.

A utopian car cooling in the depths of space, art style: body art mixed with tapestry and Edo Period.

A polluted ancient manuscript opening at the edge of the world, art style: street art mixed with charcoal sketch and Edwardian Age.

A outdated alternate reality gateway clambering in a dense jungle, art style: steampunk mixed with hand lettering and Ottoman Empire.

A perpetual holographic interface soaring on the back of a flying creature, art style: sound art mixed with calm and Age of Discovery.

A notorious space weather forecasting freezing across a bridge over an abyss, art style: pointillism mixed with stillness and silence and Gothic Period.

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Strange Randomly Generated AI Art Prompts (2024)


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