Verizon gears up for Hurricane Beryl (2024)

HOUSTON, TX – As Hurricane Beryl approaches Texas, Verizon remains committed to keeping communities and first responders connected. Verizon's Response Team has prepared year-round to respond to extreme weather situations, like hurricanes, by taking part in emergency drills, fortifying the network infrastructure, and ensuring resources are mobilized for rapid response.

"Verizon takes great pride in providing the connectivity to power our customers’ daily lives, a responsibility we take very seriously” said Michelle R. Miller, Senior Vice President and Coastal Plains Market President, Verizon.“We are committed to keeping communities connected and supporting first responders, especially during a time of crisis. Our relentless preparations and robust network infrastructure ensure that before, during and after a storm, we're able to serve our customers."

Verizon’s Networks Are Primed

Verizon's networks are primed to maintain connectivity even in the face of extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes. With redundancy built into critical paths and components, Verizon's network is engineered to withstand severe weather. Verizon engineers have prepared by conducting thorough checks, ensuring backup systems like batteries and generators are operational and refueled.

In readiness for potential network recovery operations, Verizon has bolstered its arsenal with:

  • A fleet of over 550 portable network assets, including generator-powered cell sites, drones, and a fixed-wing aircraft for aerial support.

  • An industry-leading 200 satellite-based portable network assets, providing crucial connectivity in scenarios where fiber connections are compromised.

  • More than 1,000 mobile generators to assist communities in maintaining or restoring connectivity, and rapid recovery efforts.

Verizon Frontline stands at the ready, prepared to assist first responders in any capacity needed

The Verizon Frontline Crisis Response Team stands ready to help ensure public safety agencies on the front lines of any potential disaster response operations have the mission-critical communications capabilities they will need to achieve their missions. This team, composed primarily of former first responders and military personnel, is solely dedicated to supporting public safety customers during emergencies at no cost to the supported agencies. Verizon Frontline Crisis Response Team members provide portable cell sites, WiFi hotspots, drones, charging stations and other Verizon Frontline devices and solutions that can help enable mission-critical communication and/or boost network performance.

In 2023, this team supported public safety agencies and the communities they served during three major hurricanes: Hilary, Idalia and Lee. Hurricane Idalia alone saw nearly 100 Verizon Frontline solutions delivered to public safety agencies in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina as they dealt with the aftermath of the storm.

Connectivity is essential to support local businesses and communities

Recognizing the critical role of connectivity in business continuity, Verizon Business provides a suite of solutions tailored for seamless operations during emergencies. From SD-WAN to advanced security tools, Verizon Business equips businesses with the tools needed to maintain productivity amid disruptions.

Suggested steps for businesses and government organizations include:

  • Mitigate customer disruption: Think about what you need to ensure continuous service to your customers, and what software and equipment your business needs to continue operations. Make a detailed list, including service contracts and warranty information and all pertinent phone numbers for local authorities, utility companies, suppliers, and vendors. Speak with your insurance agent and suppliers, and ensure you are protected with the right business insurance policies.

  • The right tech makes an impact: Ensure you have the right technology to support your business connectivity needs assuming you might need to move away from your primary location.

  • Contacts and documents are key: Make sure you have contact information updated and readily available for all employees, including at-home information for remote workers and branch information for satellite offices. Make copies of insurance documents, review insurance coverages, and update as appropriate.

  • Test, test, and test again: Stress-test primary and backup networks and shore up any weak areas.

  • Keep track of equipment: Ensure employees working from home have documented all corporate equipment being used to work from home in case of damage or loss.

  • Have a backup plan: Ensure backup plans are in place to shift work in case work-from-home employees in a storm-impacted area have to evacuate their home or their home loses commercial power.

Are you ready for the next storm?

Verizon’s team works year-round to ensure it's ready to respond to any type of disaster. With the storm season approaching, now is the time for families to prepare at home as well. When a storm is forecast:

  • Keep devices dry: While many phones today have some degree of water resistance, you still want to take some extra care to ensure phones, tablets, batteries, chargers and other equipment remain dry and accessible. Plastic zipper storage bags help shield devices, and there are weatherproof phones, phone cases and other protective accessories available.

  • Keep devices fully charged: Make sure your device is ready when you need it by keeping phone and tablet batteries fully charged in case commercial power goes out.

  • Get some backup: When power is out for an extended period of time, portable battery packs can be a game-changer to ensure you remain connected. Don’t forget your car chargers as well in case you need to evacuate.

  • Create a list: Keep a list of emergency numbers in your phone so that you have them if needed.

  • Be prepared for loss: Take pictures of valuables and other important belongings for possible insurance claims. And make sure they’re uploaded to the cloud so you have a backup.

  • Review checklists: Review the hurricane preparedness checklist, power outage checklist and other resources from the American Red Cross.

  • Download useful apps: There are plenty of free weather, news, and safety-related apps available for download to your smartphone.

Verizon is Committed to its Employees

As part of its commitment to its employees, Verizon supports its workforce through initiatives like the VtoV Employee Relief Fund. First created in 2013, the fund provides aid forVerizon employees affected by natural disasters or emergencies.

More information

Visit our Emergency Resource Center at for further details on Verizon's emergency response capabilities.

Verizon gears up for Hurricane Beryl (2024)


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