Links 04/07/2024: Update on Gershkovich and Verizon to Pay $847M For Infringing 5G and Hotspot Patents (2024)

  • Tom's Hardware Ukraine war fuels rise of killer AI robots — report details rapid evolution using consumer drones and Raspberry Pi

    Keeping the "human in the loop," in this case, means drone operators wearing modified VR headsets and using video game controllers. These often use hobbyist computers like the Raspberry Pi and modified consumer drones. We’ve all seen drones that can follow a snowboarder down a mountain — it isn’t much work to transform that software so it can instead track and follow an enemy combatant.

  • The Register UK US Army to get AI algos and safety systems from tech sector

    Bang said the Army is the largest user of AI and algorithms across the six branches of the US armed forces because, unlike the Navy with its ships or the Air Force with its planes, "our resource is our people." Those people generate a lot of data, ergo the Army ends up being the biggest user of machine-learning software to process all that information. That's why the Green Machine wants the industry's algorithms as a shortcut to handle that analysis.

  • Task And Purpose2 Civil War soldiers receive Medal of Honor for ‘Great Locomotive Chase’

    Army Pvt. Philip G. Shadrach and Pvt. George D. Wilson will posthumously receive the Medal of Honor for the raid sometimes dubbed 'one of the earliest special operations missions.'

  • The Hill Medal of Honor awarded posthumously to two Civil War heroes

    They hijacked a train in Georgia called The General and drove it north for 87 miles while destroying railroad tracks and cutting telegraph wires. The group abandoned the train close to Chattanooga, Tenn., but were captured within two weeks.

    Shadrach and Wilson were among 22 men involved in the mission that is also known as Andrews’s Raid for James J. Andrews, who thought up the infiltration mission. Andrews and seven others, including Shadrach and Wilson, were hanged as spies in Atlanta.

  • Atlantic Council Bombing Europe’s breadbasket: Russia targets Ukrainian farmers

    Since the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion, the Kremlin has identified Ukraine’s vast and strategically vital agriculture industry as a priority target. This offensive against Ukrainian farmers has included everything from the blockade of the country’s seaports to the systematic destruction of agricultural produce and infrastructure.

  • Atlantic Council Hamas’s resistance doctrine is making it harder to broker a deal

    Apart from indifference to the US president’s political struggles, there are a number of reasons why Hamas is not jumping at Biden’s proposal. First and foremost, Hamas is an Islamist organization, and its resistance to Israel is riddled with rigid religious principles that permit no operational or strategic half-measures. Hamas’s 2017 charter characterizes Palestine—congruent with the mandate—as highly esteemed in Islam, probably due to its unique holy places. Hamas argues that Palestine is both the spirit and central cause of the ummah (Islamic community), and that Islam values standing up to aggression. In Hamas’s characterization, Israel is a colonial project imposed by force, and its settlement and Judaization of the country are illegitimate. Conversely, it sees all means to advance the struggle against Israel as legitimate. Escalating, de-escalating, or diversifying the means of the conflict are integral to the conduct of the fight. Much recent reporting reduces Hamas to its terrorist identity, rather than evaluating the group as a whole. Presenting an offer that Hamas would accept requires a full understanding of how the group perceives itself in the context of broader Islamic principles.

  • VOA News Local officials: Suspected jihadist attack in Mali Monday killed more than 20 civilians

    Both sources asked not to be identified given their positions. Since the junta came to power in the West African nation in 2020, information about such events is not generally made public.

  • PC Mag Nvidia AI GPUs Are Flowing Into China Through Underground Network

    The chips get into China through couriers like a Chinese student who brought six Nvidia A100 GPUs from Singapore to China back in November, The Wall Street Journal reports this week. The unnamed student reportedly said he received about $100 for each GPU for bringing them into the country—well below their actual market value.

  • El País Angela Zhang, professor: ‘In China, the addiction of apps like TikTok, Temu or Shein has been driven to perfection’

    The researcher analyzes the impact of regulation on the Chinese tech industry, which operates with a different system due to the relationships between the government, companies and public opinion

  • Atlantic Council Strengthening Taiwan’s resiliency

    Resilience is a nation’s ability to understand, address, respond to, and recover from any type of national security risk. Given the scale of risk Taiwan faces from mainland China, domestic resilience should be front and center in Taiwan’s national security strategy, encompassing areas such as cybersecurity, energy security, and defense resilience.

  • Defence Web ATMIS drawdown sees another base under Somali control

    In line with what the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) heard last month, the ATMIS (African Union Transition Mission in Somalia) drawdown and troop withdrawal continues as planned.

  • New York Times Israeli Generals, Low on Munitions, Want a Truce in Gaza

    Israel’s military leadership wants a cease-fire with Hamas in case a bigger war breaks out in Lebanon, security officials say. It has also concluded that a truce would be the swiftest way to free hostages.

  • ADF Kenyan NGO Aims to Boost Security on Both Sides of Somali Border

    No one knows the dangerous, porous borderlands of Kenya and Somalia like its residents, and in the face of increasing terrorist attacks and recruitment, members of the community are coming together to protect themselves.

  • Hong Kong Free Press Solo demos, heavy police presence as Hong Kong sees 5th year without protest march on Handover anniversary

    Hong Kong saw brief, solo demonstrations on the anniversary of the city’s return to China, when streets that crowds of protesters once marched through were instead filled with police on the public holiday. Outside Sogo department store in Causeway Bay, an elderly man surnamed Ng held up handwritten signs on Monday afternoon with arrest figures […]

  • Defence Web Mauritania acquires new military hardware from China

    Mauritania’s military has taken delivery of fire support vehicles, air defence systems, and unmanned aerial vehicles from China as it builds up its military capabilities. The new equipment was inspected by Mauritanian President and Armed Forces Commander Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazouani on a 9 June visit to a military headquarters unit.

  • Atlantic Council What the Peruvian president’s state visit to China means for US economic diplomacy

    Peruvian President Dina Boluarte recently traveled to Beijing to meet with Chinese leader Pooh-tin Jinping. Washington should take note of the growing Peru-China relationship.

  • TwinCities Pioneer Press Strike kills family as Israeli evacuation order sparks panicked flight from southern Gaza city

    Israel’s order for people to leave the eastern half of Khan Younis has triggered the third mass flight of Palestinians in as many months.

  • France24 Israel carries out deadly strikes on southern Gaza after issuing evacuation order

    The Israeli army Tuesday bombarded southern Gaza, killing at least eight and wounding dozens in Khan Younis, after ordering some 250,000 Palestinians in the area to evacuate early Monday. The shelling came after Israel released Mohammed Abu Selmia, the director of Shifa hospital – formerly Gaza's largest– who said that he and other detainees had been held in harsh conditions and tortured.

  • ADF Boko Haram Regroups, Inflicts ‘Abject Misery’ in Niger State

    Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria killed 20 young men in one of a series of early June attacks in the mountainous Shiroro communities of Niger State.

  • ADF Land Mines, Booby Traps Haunt Libya’s Landscape

    Four years after fighting ended in the southern suburbs of Tripoli, land mines and booby-trapped explosives continue to maim and kill civilians. Over the past five years, more than 400 people have been killed or injured by hidden explosives across Libya.

  • JURIST Australia’s first coercive control laws come into force to stem tide of domestic violence

    Laws criminalizing coercive control came into force in New South Wales (NSW), Australia on Monday. Section 54D of the NSW’s Crimes Act 1900 criminalizes coercive conduct and abusive behavior against intimate partners by attaching a maximum penalty of seven years imprisonment upon conviction.

  • Links 04/07/2024: Update on Gershkovich and Verizon to Pay $847M For Infringing 5G and Hotspot Patents (2024)


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